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Distributed Assertion Management Framework

DAMF Logo The Distributed Assertion Management Framework (DAMF) is a proposed collection of formats and techniques to enable heterogeneous formal reasoning systems and users to communicate assertions in a decentralized, reliable, and egalitarian manner. An assertion is a unit of mathematical knowledge—think lemmas, theorems, corollaries, etc.—that is cryptographically signed by its originator.

The philosophy of DAMF is explained in this technical report:

Farah Al Wardani, Kaustuv Chaudhuri, and Dale Miller (2023). Distributing and trusting proof checking: a preliminary report.

The technical construction of DAMF is explained in this draft paper:

Farah Al Wardani, Kaustuv Chaudhuri, and Dale Miller (2023). Formal Reasoning using Distributed Assertions (draft dated 2023-05-22). To appear in the 14th International Symposium on Frontiers of Combining Systems (FroCoS), September 20–23, 2023.

DAMF is based on content-addressable storage using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) network, and uses the InterPlanetary Linked Data (IPLD) data model to represent assertions and all their components.

🔎 Explore the proposed DAMF Formats.

🚡 Read about Processes in DAMF.

🚀 Install Dispatch, an intermediary tool that helps in integrating systems.

🔧 Experiment with some edge systems. In particular:

🚶 Read an example walkthrough of using a heterogeneous combination of systems to prove an assertion.